Boutique Barre Fitness

with Jodi

  Jodi BarreYoga is more than a fitness class. 

It’s an all over mind body soul experience.

Jodi guides clients on a feel good journey focusing on individual technique while creating a fun and challenging class.

All ages, shapes and fitness abilities are welcomed and is reflected when you walk in the door.

All classes combine Yoga, Pilates and Barre for toning and fitness.

Quality instruction ensures confidence yet you can go at your own pace.

As a qualified yoga, pilates, barre instructor and ex ballet dancer, Jodi provides correct form and technique which assists in reaching fitness goals – quickly.

  Jodi understands bodies and believes they should be loved and nurtured in a supportive environment.

       We would just LOVE ♡ for you to join our Jodi BarreYoga Community.





New Client Offer

Unlimited Classes for 2 Weeks

New to Barre Yoga?

Get 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $50

Barre Teacher Training

Are you ready to be a Barre Teacher SUPERSTAR?
This course  is designed for people who want to learn about Barre and teach a professional and intelligent Barre class. This course will give you the confidence to teach safe, fun flowing classes within any studio and will give you all the tools to become that Barre superstar teacher.

How to teach a mini barre class

Gain insight on what to expect in your Barre Teacher Training Course with ‘How to Teach a Mini Barre Class’.