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Boutique Barre fitness with Jodi’s classes combine vinyasa yoga, pilates and ballet barre…

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Welcome to Jodi Barre Yoga

Jodi’s BarreYoga classes are fun for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness abilities.

This is reflected as soon as you walk in our doors, with clients aged 16 to over 70 in all our classes.

Having been a ballet dancer for most of my life, I know that correct form and technique is important for reaching your fitness goals. This is my focus in each class, which means you will feel your muscles working effectively during your workout.

If you are after a fitness class with a strong emphasis on loving your body, mind and soul (letโ€™s not forget the quick results!!) with a highly qualified teacher in all disciplines (teaching since 2012) that really cares about you and your story, then please book your classes below.

Barre Teacher Training

Are you ready to be a Barre Teacher SUPERSTAR?

This courses are designed for people who want to learn about Barre and teach a professional and intelligent Barre class. These courses will give you the confidence to teach safe, fun flowing classes within any studio and will give you all the tools to become that Barre superstar.


We look forward to welcoming you with retreats soon…