Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barre Yoga and how does it work?

BarreYoga is more than a fitness class, It’s a total mind, body and soul experience. At BarreYoga we fuse vinyasa yoga, pilates and ballet barre inspired exercises to strengthen and define your whole body. Your typical Jodi BarreYoga class will incorporate meditation, vinyasa yoga, pilates and small isometric exercises at the ballet barre to raise the heart rate and get your body into your fat burning zone. Clients usually experience a strong shaking of the legs or burn which can be surprising at first, but don’t worry, this is your body changing and creating long and lean muscles and is perfectly normal. Every Jodi BarreYoga class is completely different from the next so your muscles and mind don’t get used to the exercises.

How often should I come to class?

If you attend a BarreYoga class 2-3 times weekly, you will typically notice changes in your body in as little as two weeks to one month. If Jodi BarreYoga is your only form of exercise and you would like to tone up quickly and lose weight then for ultimate results you can attend 3 – 4 classes per week for a boost. My regular clients attend 2-3 classes a week to maintain or lose a bit of weight and stay very toned. Honestly, just try the $40 two week intro and see the results for yourself, I can assure you that this is the best way to notice the changes and give you the incentive to keep it up!

What kind of results will I get?

I really don’t like to emphasis the results during class because I really want you to LOVE your body as it is. I really hate fitness companies telling you you’re not good enough and you should look a certain way. That said, because I don’t usually talk about the benefits, I feel I should tell you about these changes. You will experience improved posture, thinner thighs, toned calves, chiseled arms, a sculpted back, flatter tummy and a great butt!!!! You will also come out of class feeling calmer and more connected with yourself.

I have purchased the $40 Two Week Intro pass, does it start straight away?

Your pass will activate on the date of your first class, not your purchase date. The booking system will automatically do this so ignore the purchase date on the receipt.

What should I wear and bring?

Just wear comfortable clothing you can move in eg: leggings and a top. Your yoga mat, water bottle and a smile.

I haven’t done pilates, yoga or ballet before and I’m nervous!

You don’t need ANY experience to attend a BarreYoga class. I offer modifications for all levels of fitness and abilities. Don’t feel nervous at all, everyone starts out a little unsure but you get the hang of things very quickly! I will take AMAZING care of you.

Can I still come to class if I have an injury?

If you have seen a professional regarding your injury and they give you the go ahead to get back to exercise then, absolutely! Jodi can modify all exercises to help you get back on to the road of recovery. Just contact Jodi to discuss your injury and have a chat before class and you’re good to go.

I am pregnant, am I able to attend?

Wonderful news! BarreYoga is absolutely perfect for pregnant women. Jodi’s classes are a fantastic way to prepare for labour too! The small isometric movements means you will get a great workout as well as keeping your body toned. Jodi will provide you with special exercises to do during class so make sure you arrive 10 mins early so we can go over them. Make sure you are 13 + weeks before attending a class.

I want to attend with a friend, can I book us both in the app?

You will need to create two separate accounts and book and pay separately. The system is unable to book two people under one login.

Are men able to attend?

Yes! Having men at the ballet barre is always a treat because we don’t see too many. Those that do attend say BarreYoga is a stronger workout than they expected and also assists them in their surfing and football skills. Come on, guys..give it a try!

Do I have to book online?

Due to classes on wait-list, it is best to book your classes online as this secures your place.

I don’t have a credit card, can I still come to class?

Yes, of course! Contact Jodi and she can reserve your place for you. Just make sure you bring the correct money on the day or transfer money into Jodi’s bank account.