Barre Teacher Training 2024

Are you ready to be a Barre Teacher Superstar?

This course is designed for people who want to learn about Barre and teach a professional and intelligent Barre class. This course will give you the confidence to teach safe, fun flowing classes within any studio and will give you all the tools to become that Barre superstar.

This course will involve lectures, group discussions, practical training and an analysis of Barre exercises that involve expert teaching techniques.

Each student will receive a hard copy manual OR PDF manual that includes all the resources you need including a detailed breakdown and pictures of each exercise. You will also have access to personal support after the course.

This course is designed for people who want to start teaching Barre and existing Fitness instructors who would like to add Barre to their repertoire. You don not need ANY teaching experience to attend this course.




“I loved this course, each day offered something different and was jam packed with amazing content. I loved the REALNESS of it all and how Jodi kept it intimate, Jodi made everyone feel special and she is incredible at what she does, I’ve done other barre courses before and didn’t feel prepared to teach, this one is definitely the BEST, I feel ready. Thank you Jodi”


“The manual was very comprehensively written, Jodi has gone above and beyond to provide us with so much material, I feel so inspired to teach Barre, I’ve never taught before but I am excited to teach now. I just loved learning how to flow exercises together too. Amazing course, Jodi!”


“I have taught barre before but I LOVED Jodi’s way of cueing exercises, you can tell she is the best in the barre business. I’ve learnt some great new material for my classes. Jodi creates a fun learning environment and is so welcoming, I LOVED learning from her.”


March 2024 Schedule

Friday 8th : 9.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday 9th : 10.30am to 5.00pm
Sunday 10th : 8.00am to 5.00pm


Early Bird Discount: $990
(Book before 16th February to save $200)

Full Investment: $1,190


41 Cottonwood street, Mudjimba

What’s Included in the program

Learn Over 70 Barre exercises

Have knowledge of over 70 beginner to advanced Barre exercises as well as numerous challenges, additions and modifications for these exercises.

Fundamentals of Barre

Have knowledge of and be able to explain the Fundamentals of Barre.

program and teach creative and safe Barre classes

Have the knowledge and skills to program and teach an incredibly creative and safe Barre class.

format and sequence your barre classes

Have the knowledge and skills to format and sequence your barre class.

cue, adjust and modify clients

Have the skills to verbally cue, adjustments and modify clients.


Ballet, Yoga and Pilates terminology

Have the knowledge of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates terminology.

Music and Timing

Have the skill to create a class with appropriate music bmp and how to count.

Barre Class Samples

Have samples of Barre Classes for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced clients and Pregnant Clients (4 classes)


Class Styles

Have different class style samples and experience these samples to keep your classes fresh and interesting or cater to the studio you are working for. (4 class styles)

What to Expect

The course will be delivered face-to-face over three days. 100% attendance is compulsory to pass the course.

After completion of the course you will have full access to: instructional videos and my full help and support to get you started.

The Assessment

Throughout the 3 day course days there will be 1 written exam and two practical exams. The practical exams involve instructing Barre exercises in a small group setting. Your performance will be observed by the trainer and marked as competent or non-competent. The written exam will consist of a range of questions, including true or false, short answer, long answer, and fill-in-the-blank. Your answers will be marked by the trainer using a marking guide, and marked as competent or non-competent.

Post course: To obtain your certificate of completion in this course you must shadow / observe in 10 Barre classes + 14 hours of your own personal practice. In addition you must receive a pass on your Practical Exam Video, which must be submitted within 3 months of the course completion date. These two assessments must be sent to your trainer post course to be marked.

Upon Completion

If you have met all the course requirements you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Barre Teacher Training with Jodi.

This course is recognised in all studios and gyms across Australia.

Studio Owners

I am available for staff trainings, Teacher Trainings or staff workshops either online or in person!