Barre Teacher Training Enrolment Form

How did you hear about my Barre Teacher Training course? *

Your space in the course is confirmed upon acceptance of the Enrolment Form by Jodi BarreYoga and your payment is received. Space is limited and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. *

Cancellation Policy: Please note that once the payment and confirmation of your spot in the course have been made, there are NO refunds. If the applicant is not accepted into the course the first payment will be returned. In exceptional circumstances, a student may apply to reschedule a course to a later date and the payment will be transferred to the rescheduled course fee. A student must reschedule the course within 6 months of the date of enrolment. *

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I accept the Terms and Conditions stated in this form as well as the following: I accept that I must attend 100% of the training days, in addition to passing each of their assessment pieces, to pass this course.● I have disclosed all details of injuries, health conditions and/or pain, previous and current to Jodi BarreYoga● I have been truthful and honest with all my answers.● I have read and understood all the Policies and Procedures for Jodi BarreYoga’s Barre Teacher training with JodiBarreYoga set out in the website for Jodi BarreYoga and agree that these are conditions of my contract with JodiBarreYoga, breach of which may result in dismissal from the course. Signed in Agreement below.