BarreYoga is more than a fitness class, It's a total mind, body and soul experience.  At BarreYoga we fuse vinyasa yoga and ballet barre inspired exercises to strengthen and define your whole body. Your typical BarreYoga class will incorporate meditation, vinyasa yoga and small isometric exercises at the ballet barre to raise the heart rate and get your body into your fat burning zone. Clients usually experience a strong shaking of the legs or burn which can be surprising at first, but don't worry, this is your body changing and creating long and lean muscles and is perfectly normal.   Every single BarreYoga class is completely different from the next so your muscles and mind don't get used to the exercises.  You don't need ANY experience to attend a BarreYoga class.  Jodi caters for all fitness levels and abilities.  You will be loved and looked after!

About Jodi

Jodi has and always will have a love of the ballet barre. After moving to Melbourne at 17 to study her Diploma in Classical Dance Jodi was involved in a serious  car accident and told she was unable to perform. 

Disheartened to hear this news, Jodi went in search of other forms of exercise and fell in love with barre classes.  Jodi began teaching barre in Melbourne and decided to leave her office job in pursue of becoming a full time barre babe expert!  Having over 500 hours of barre teaching experience Jodi's dream was to return home to the Sunshine Coast to complete her yoga teacher training and introduce her hometown to her passions. Barre and Yoga! Jodi is all about helping others LOVE their bodies and connecting with their inner ballerina.